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Do You Have Your Pet on Flea/Tick Preventatives?

January 25, 2024

Your pets are much more likely to encounter fleas and ticks in the spring and summer, as these critters thrive in warmer weather. Don’t overlook the problems these pests cause: along with incessant itching and discomfort, fleas and ticks can transmit numerous dangerous diseases, some of which are zoonotic, meaning they can affect us humans, too.

As far as diseases, we are fortunate that Lyme Disease is not very prevalent in Colorado. However, there are prairie dogs in our area, and these animals have fleas who do carry the plague. Additionally, we have seen cases of “rabbit fever” aka Tularemia, which mainly effects rabbits, rodents and cats. While dogs are not as susceptible to this disease, they may carry infected ticks.

Preventive medications are the best way to keep fleas and ticks away from your pets, which in turn combats the diseases they carry. At Garden Valley Veterinary Hospital, we offer a variety of products for dogs and cats, which will help rid your pet of these nuisances.

If you’re not sure which preventive medications are right for your pets or would like to discuss a proper course of action, schedule an appointment with us today by calling (970) 674-5105 or request an appointment online.