Vet Blog

Special Procedures in Place Through May

January 25, 2024

Just a reminder that we are currently offering curbside pick-up care for pets, and the procedure is as follows:

• Call us at (970) 674-5105 when you arrive at the hospital with your pet. Pets must be in a carrier or on a leash.
• A member of our team will meet you outside and take your pet inside for the appointment
• The veterinarian will call you to discuss the exam as well as any recommended treatment plan, tests, and costs for your approval.
• Payment will be taken over the phone, and at that time we’ll let you know when your pet will be ready for pick-up outside the hospital.

If you need food and medications for your pet, we are still utilizing curbside service as well. You can pay over the phone, and we’ll bring your receipt and products directly to your car.

We will be maintaining these protocols through May and will re-evaluate the situation after that to determine if we can return to normal operations.

Elective Surgeries, Boarding, & Grooming

Now that restrictions are being lifted on elective surgical procedures, we are once again offering our full menu of veterinary services. In addition to emergency and urgent care, we will now resume wellness exams, dental cleanings, laser therapy, acupuncture, canine rehab, and any surgical operations that had been postponed.

Things getting hairy around your house? You’ll be glad to hear that our groomer is back and is already booking up through June. We expect bookings to fill up fast, so if your pet needs grooming, call now for the summer!

Our boarding kennels remained closed at this time due to staffing limitations, but the good news is we hope to reopen boarding for the Memorial Day Weekend pending guidance from the state about travel restrictions. If you’re interested in reserving a spot for your pet in for the coming weeks, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (970) 674-5105 so we can discuss options.